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Whether you're an experienced llama owner or just starting to consider making a llama part of your life, you've come to the right place! Leisure Acres Llamas has llamas for sale - male llamas, female llamas, and guard llamas - and we also offer herd upgrading and breeding services. Have questions about llamas? We can supply the information you need.

Llamas for Sale - Buy With Confidence!
Know exactly what you're looking for? Start by browsing our catalog of outstanding male llamas for sale and female llamas for sale, or if you're interested in herd upgrading check out our breeding services. At Leisure Acres Llamas you can buy with confidence. All our llamas are registered and halter trained.

Information For New Owners
Making a llama part of your life is a big decision - one that will bring you happiness and satisfaction for years to come!! We know you have questions, and we want you to have all the information you need to make the right choice.

Information For Experienced Owners
Experienced llama owners count on Leisure Acres Llamas for information, assistance, herd upgrading, and much more. Our llamas are all registered and halter trained - and more important, our expert staff is always available if you have questions or need help.

Be sure to check out our Male Llamas for Sale and Female Llamas for Sale pages to see our current herd. You can read letters from satisfied customers in our Testimonials section to see how other llama owners feel about Leisure Acres Llamas.

If you're looking for llamas for sale in PA or if you have a question about llamas or their care, just click here to email us!


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